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Cost Recovery Solutions

We’ve learned from our clients that total print, copy and fax operating costs don’t spiral out of control overnight, this happens over time. When Cloudfire performs the print audit capturing all required data, we often find devices that are over used within your business. There are a number of ways our clients can reduce their printing costs.


Relocate over used printers

Upgrade machines that are out of warranty

Cost Per Page Solution


Often copier vendors increase the clients copy costs on a yearly basis, causing your multifunctional devices to become an expensive monthly outlay. Cloudfire’s software monitors the usage of these devices, giving us the ability to suggest a more cost effective strategy.

Solution – Cost Per Page

Typically our clients are not in a position to implement all of our recommendations from the discovery process. The print audit process generally discovers multiple contractual agreements that may be in place with different vendors or copier companies. As a transition step, our clients often engage us in a Cost Per Page agreement. This agreement allows our clients to utilize their existing fleet of products under one simple service agreement that includes all toner and maintenance. It also enables Cloudfire to implement new products as part of the overall Managed Print Strategy in the future.

A Cost Per Page agreement is a billing program that charges our clients to pay for only the prints they make usually at a couple of cents per page. Cloudfire’s customized billing models give you all the information you need to understand your total operating costs for print under one simple agreement.


Key Benefits of Cloudfire Print Management Services

  • Streamline Printer device efficiency
  • Save money
  • Reduce Environmental impacts
  • Increase security
  • Simplify document management
  • Flexibility – Customised for each
    individual customer
  • Simplicity – One point of contact for service and supplies
  • Consistency – Fixed costs as opposed to variable – no matter what the coverage
  • Reliability – Monthly billing to effectively manage printing costs and budget accordingly
  • Easy to Use – Ordering and invoices from one source
  • Peace of Mind – Complete visibility of total printing costs



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