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Custom Voice Solutions

For projects requiring complex or integrated voice application Cloudfire is proud to offer consultation, development and hosting services for customised voice applications. We are happy to work together with you to create a customised solution to your idea or project specification. Our skilled engineers will design and implement your solution.

Experience is our strength

The staff at Cloudfire have accrued years of experience in creating the perfect solution to meet your voice requirements. Having worked in the past with leading Australian brands, we are jointly responsible for some of the most advanced voice applications used in Australia today.

We have experience in the areas of:

  • Calling Card Systems
  • Job Reporting & Tracking Systems
  • Call Monitoring & Recording Services
  • Large-Scale Voicemail Recording and Delivery Systems
  • Phone-based Delivery Tracking Systems
  • Phone-based Billing Systems
  • Call Metric Systems

Ongoing support

On top of the initial consultation and development, Cloudfire supplies ongoing support and maintenance of all our voice products. Your custom voice solution will be constantly monitored and maintained by our technical support crew, ensuring that you application is always working as required. Any necessary maintenance or alterations to the system are expertly handled by our dedicated staff and phone and email support is constantly provided as part of our comprehensive service.

For a quote

Contact our helpful staff today to discuss your needs and to receive an obligation-free quote on your customised solution.