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Managed Print Service

Total Cost Accountability

Our CPP billing structure, provides total predictability, transparency, and awareness to those hidden costs of print, copy and fax. Instead of receiving invoices from many different vendors, we‘ll send one invoice that covers all printing devices. This saves our clients a considerable amount of money and time.

Total Service Accountability

Service is the backbone to our Managed Print Service. Without the knowledge and experience, partnerships and extensive training within the service team , MPS would not exist.

Total Management Accountability

Implementing, upgrading and even changing products can cause IT managers huge headaches. Under an MPS agreement, all of these management headaches are transferred to the MPS provider. Cloudfire takes on all the risks associated with print,scan,fax and copy which gives our clients a peace of mind.

Key Benefits of Cloudfire Print Management Services

  • Streamline Printer device efficiency
  • Save money
  • Reduce Environmental impacts
  • Increase security
  • Simplify document management
  • Flexibility – Customised for each
    individual customer
  • Simplicity – One point of contact for service and supplies
  • Consistency – Fixed costs as opposed to variable – no matter what the coverage
  • Reliability – Monthly billing to effectively manage printing costs and budget accordingly
  • Easy to Use – Ordering and invoices from one source
  • Peace of Mind – Complete visibility of total printing costs