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PBX as a Service

Cloudfire’s state of the art PBX as a service (PBXaaS) will provide your business with a fully featured phone system without necessitating costly site-dependant PBX hardware, phone line installation or complex internal cabling. With the system operating entirely within the cloud, it is always accessible from any place with an existing broadband service.

  • Scalable – A dynamic system that grows seamlessly with your business requirements
  • Feature rich – Fully equipped, highly customisable with all the features of a enterprise level system
  • Cloud Hosted – Site independent, hosted from our Australian N+1 datacenter facilities
  • Cost effective – A simple monthly cost, combined with lower call rates than all the major networks, PBX as a Service is far cheaper than you might think.
  • Ease of deployment – Supplied phones are delivered to your door, fully tested and pre-configured. Plug them in and you’re ready to call.

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Feature Packed

  • Multi-way conferences (internal and external participants with video* and audio)
  • Music on Hold (supplied to order or BYO)
  • Caller ID (and routing based on Caller ID)
  • Interactive Voice Response Menus (“Press 1 for…”)
  • Call Transfers – Warm (assisted) and Cold (direct)
  • Inbound queues (with optional wait time and position announcement)
  • Voicemail (delivered to email, or traditional call to pickup)
  • Comprehensive turnkey telephony solution
  • Complete reporting, call logging, accountability and statistical review of your PBX systems 24/7 via Cloudfire Portal
  • 13, 1800 and 1300 numbers available, including SmartNumbers
  • Routing to legacy phone lines and mobiles
  • Multiple site support, with free internal dialing across sites
  • Professional voice prompt recordings available from a selection of voice actors
  • Supports integration with external systems (for automatic dialing and routing where required)
  • Port your existing number or range from your current provider
  • Remote Call Pickup
  • Optional Call Recording and 7-Year Archiving, accessible 24/7 via secure Cloudfire Portal


How It Works

PBX as a service provides a complete telephone system, suitable for a wide range of needs, from the home business through to business and enterprise clients. At Cloudfire we supply everything you require, including handsets, localised telephone numbers, SIP trunks and a world class PBX infrastructure.

Power, flexibility and Simplicity

Cloudfire VoIP services are easy to access through our web portal interface. Appoint an administrator within your business to configure, monitor and control your PBX with minimal effort through any web browser. Through the web portal interface you are able to order telephone numbers, create and alter extensions, browse and export call listings, administer IVR’s and call routes and easily divert numbers.

  • Provision accounts and SIP trunks
  • Add and modify system extensions
  • Route and divert phone numbers
  • Configure and monitor account security
  • View call logs (outbound, inbound, automated and missed)
  • Export call log data (live and historical)
  • Much more…


Always available and well supported

As well as constructing your telephone system exactly to your requirements, our dedicated PBX technicians provide ongoing system updates, maintenance and support. We ensure that your PBX system is constantly meeting your needs.

  • 99.9% availability SLA
  • 24×7 monitoring with pro-active support
  • Phone and e-mail Australian based technical support
  • Qualified, experienced voice and network technicians on hand
  • Onsite installation services available
  • 24×7 extended phone support options available


By avoiding the need for expensive PBX hardware, PBX as a service is the financially sensible solution. Using PBX as a service eliminates the need for a costly PBX base system, extra, overpriced phones, cabling needs, monthly line rental fees and potential large phone bills. These expenses often place PBX systems outside the budget of small and medium businesses.

Cloudfire Hosting’s PBX as a service opens up PBX functionality to any sized business by providing services at a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX systems. On top of this, our call rates are lower than the major providers, including Telstra and Optus.

  • 12c “Talk as long as you like” local and national calls
  • Our call rates speak for themselves – see below
  • No excessive upfront cost
  • No monthly line rental or ISDN charges

Call Rates

Call destination Rate
Standard Australian land lines 12c anytime, untimed
Local calls 12c anytime, untimed
International calls Starting at 2c (See call rate table below)
Australian mobiles 18c per minute
1800 numbers Free
1300 numbers 30c untimed

Service Add-ons

Service Rate
Voicemail boxes Free
Call Queues Free
IVR Menus Free
Additional phone numbers Available
Fax to e-mail Available
1300/1800 numbers Available

International Call Rates 2021

The most reliable PBX Service available – we put our money on it!

Partner with Cloudfire and experience the best a business grade hosted PBX service can be. We offer up to a 99.99% service level agreement – giving you peace of mind that your critical business phone services will always be working when you need them. We monitor our network 24×7 to ensure everything is operating as it should be. On top of this our “N+1” architecture ensures there’s always “two of everything” – ensuring that in the unlikely event of an equipment failure, it won’t affect your service.

  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  • 24×7 network monitoring and oncall support
  • N+1 architecture means there’s always “two of everything”

During the 2011 floods on the east coast of Australia this system was put to the test and passed with flying colours, keeping clients online by diverting calls while their offices were inaccessible.


Cloudfire’s superior quality voice network allows us to provide you with our call quality guarantee. Using the Cloudfire network, your calls will sound the same, if not better than calls made over a conventional PBX system.

  • 100% Call quality guarantee
  • Australia’s highest VoIP call quality
  • Network-level echo cancellation and audio processing
  • Premium connectivity ensures no packet loss and extremely low jitter
  • Direct connections (Private-IP) available for “internet free” VoIP