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Cloudfire Servers and Co-Location

Cloudfire’s cloud servers offer you a more speedy, flexible, scalable and economical service in comparison to traditional servers. With our solutions offered Australia-wide, we are proud to have one of the nation’s most reliable and innovative cloud server infrastructures. Our solutions are constantly available, scalable and dynamic, meeting the diverse needs of clients all over Australia.

Cloudfire’s cloud servers use a reliable N+1 platform, designed using world class equipment. They are located in secure datacentre facilities, which are equipped with fully redundant power, cooling and internet connectivity. The reliability of this arrangement is such that we are confident to offer a 99.99% uptime service level agreement on all our hosted infrastructure solutions..

How can Cloudfire Hosted Cloud Servers help my business?

Also known as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), cloud hosted servers are used by both enterprise and business customers to take advantage of cost effective and flexible IT solutions, while avoiding the concern of the intricacies and expense of managing server hardware, all of which is managed by Cloudfire Hosting’s expert team. Fluctuations in the scale of your business, or the decision to expand, can be easily dealt with by consulting with Cloudfire staff and discovering the manifold benefits of having a scalable cloud server solution from Cloudfire.

  • Highly Available, 99.995% Service Availability Target
  • 24 x 7 Phone and E-Mail Technical Support
  • N+1 Connectivity utilising our national network of providers
  • Unmetered, gigabit connection between Cloud Servers and other Cloudfire Services
  • Enterprise-grade Juniper™ Security Appliance
  • Pooled transit accross all our servers
  • No lock-in contracts, just pay by the month
  • 1 Public IP Address (additional IP’s available)
  • Private IP Addressing via EFM, EoC, VPN, ADSL and Wireless
  • Wide-Range of supported Operating Systems

Datacenter Co-Location Service

Cloudfire’s secure, enterprise-grade co-location services are beyond comparison. Fully equipped with redundant A+B power feeds, and custom built cooling systems, our datacentre facilities are designed to ensure fulfilment of our 99.995% service availability agreement. Our facilities include redundant connectivity to most of Australia’s largest transit providers and peering networks, and with 1RU through to dedicated 48RU racks, we aim to meet all your datacentre co-location needs.

Our confidence in our service is reflected in our co-location service plans, which contain no contract terms. You have the option to book a time to install the hardware yourself, assisted by one of our technicians, or we can do it all for you, installing your hardware in a nominated co-location facility and conferencing by phone to get it operational.


  • Up to 100Mbit internet connectivity on our premium transit
  • 1Gbit on-net connectivity to any other Cloudfire services
  • Pooled transit across all your Co-Located, Dedicated and Cloud Servers
  • Continuous 24×7 Server Resource Monitoring available (such as CPU Load and Storage Capacity)
  • Private Management VPN (for Remote Management/iLO cards)
  • Instant Server Management and Monitoring via the Secure Cloudfire Portal Interface
  • Enterprise-grade Juniper™ Security Appliance
  • DDOS Protection