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1300 and 1800 Numbers

Cloudfire offers competitive rates on the provision of 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers. 1300 numbers enable your customers to call your business from anywhere nationwide for the low cost of a local call. 1800 numbers allow customers to call toll-free nationwide.


Use one on your Virtual PBX

With a Cloudfire virtual PBX-system, you are able to attach one or multiple 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers to your service. This is more cost effective for your customers and enhances flexibility and your management of incoming calls.

Attach one to your traditional landline

Even if you do not have a virtual PBX-system, it is also possible to use Cloudfire to attach numbers to your existing legacy PBX-system, a landline service or even mobile phone. This does not affect the function of any existing standard numbers redirection is completely transparent to your customers. Cloudfire is also able to use geographic routing to improve your service. For example, callers from the Sydney area are directed to your Sydney office. This improves service for the client by eliminating the necessity of looking up area codes or branch specific phone numbers.

Port your existing number to us

If you already have a 1300 number or 1800 number through another service, it is possible to port or transfer it to your Cloudfire service, allowing you to retain the number while taking advantage of our competitive rates. For more information about our porting service, please contact us.

Choosing a 1300 Number or 1800 Number

1300 numbers and 1800 numbers can be selected in two ways, either as stock numbers or SmartNumbers. Stock numbers are numbers randomly selected from the pool of available numbers. They have the advantage of having minimal upfront costs. SmartNumbers are able to be chosen by the client. Often numbers are based on easily remembered patterns or words. for example, 1800MYCOMPANY. These numbers are easier for a customer to remember than a randomly selected stock number. Once the number has been selected it is necessary to go through an auction process in order to purchase it. This makes the cost of SmartNumbers more variable.

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