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Business Grade Internet

Optimise the full capability of your business with our high performance network. Cloudfire has a business grade, nationwide network, with high speed, dependable, locally supported connections.

  • Constant Performance – All of our internet plans are designed and built for business use
  • Transparent and Manageable – Online usage metering and reporting tools, with limit alerts
  • Cloud Connected – Built-in Private IP connects to Cloudfire services

Built For Performance and Reliability

Designed and built for business use, our network provides consistent performance. Our wide variety of options enable you to select the service that best suits your needs, from ADSL right through to your own fibre optic installed on your premises.

Technologies available include:

  • EFM (up to 10M/10M)
  • Wireless (up to 100M)
  • NBN (up to 100M/25M)
  • Ethernet (up to 1Gbit)
  • Fibre Optic (up to 1Gbit)
  • Bonded ADSL2+ (up to 84M/12M)
  • ADSL2+ Annex M (up to 21M/3M)
  • ADSL2+ (up to 24M/1M)
  • ADSL (up to 8M/1M)

Managed, Seamless Internet Service

Cloudfire ensures consistent high quality service with constant monitoring of our network for speed, latency, availability and path diversity. This business friendly approach guarantees a swift and uninterrupted service for clients to access Cloud and online facilities. Additionally Cloudfire offer remote router and equipment options, providing our internet services as an end to end product.

Transparent, Flexible and Powerful

Our online metering of usage and reporting tools make management of your usage simple. Cloudfire uses limit alerts to improve your management of your business internet. With our Online Management Portal you are given absolute control over monitoring, reporting and controlling connections. This toolkit is equally valuable whether your business is a small or national operation, enhancing your view of usage and needs.

Built-in Private IP for Cloud and MPLS

A built in, private IP is included in all of our Cloud and MPLS connections. Having a private IP allows direct connectivity to Cloudfire’s suite of hosted cloud services. This suite includes voice, IaaS, server and backup options. Using the cloud services has broad and immediate benefits for your business. Cloud services are automatically prioritised over the hub of general internet traffic. This prioritisation translates to clearer voice calls, responsive and secure workstations and all this can be backed up without using your internet download quota.