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Business VoIP

As leading providers of VoIP and SIP services in Australia, Cloudfire can provide all you need to upgrade your existing business telephone system. Along with the cost saving benefits of VoIP, we can ensure high quality SIP trunk provision.

Used by the staff of leading Australian brands, we provide services to a large number of people daily.


  • Australia’s leading VoIP call quality, guaranteed*
  • Dependable business-grade SIP trunk provisioning.
  • Proven 99.9% Service Level Agreement – our uptime is unmatched
  • Unlimited connected devices and trunks
  • Localised phone numbers can be provided from any of our national number locations
  • No contract periods, commitments or minimums
  • Cloudfire VoIP Portal provides strong administration capacity.


Sounds the same or better than a regular call

Cloudfire’s VoIP network is one of the highest quality services in Australia, and we are proud to provide a guarantee of our sound quality, a guarantee that your calls will be at least the same standard, if not improved, when you use Cloudfire. This is a promise few VoIP providers in Australia are able to make.

  • Call sound quality guarantee
  • Hardware audio processing and echo cancellation
  • Premium connection ensures extremely low jitter and no packet loss
  • Australia’s highest VoIP call quality
  • Private-IP (Direct Connection) available for “internet free” VoIP

Guaranteed Reliabililty

Cloudfire partners enjoy a 99.99% available service, ensuring that your business communications services are always available for your use.
Our network is closely monitored at all times to ensure optimum operation. With this monitoring, combined with our N+1 architecture, which ensures that we have two of everything, your service will not be affected in the unlikely event of a failure. An example would be the 2011 floods on the east coast of Australia. By diverting customer calls when they were unable to access their offices, we could ensure that they could continue to operate throughout the crisis.

  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  • 24×7 network monitoring and oncall support
  • N+1 architecture means there’s always “two of everything”


Cut your monthly phone bill down to size

Cloudfire partners are subject to no setup costs or line rental, and experience unrivaled call rates.
Switch to Cloudfire with absolutely no risk and try first hand our enormous cost saving benefits.

Call Rates

Call destination Rate
Standard Australian land lines 12c anytime, untimed
Local Calls 12c anytime, untimed
International calls Starting at 2c (See call rate table below)
Australian mobiles 18c per minute
1800 numbers Free
1300 numbers 30c untimed

Service Add-ons

Service Option
Fax to e-mail Available
SMS Gateway Available
1300/1800 numbers Available
Additional phone numbers Available


International Call Rates

Powerful, flexible and easy to use

Our easy to use web interface allows you to quickly configure, monitor and control your service and can even be used on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Order, create accounts, create contact lists, browse and export call listings and divert numbers using any web browser.

  • Provision accounts & trunks
  • View Call logs (outbound, inbound, automated and missed)
  • Route and divert phone numbers
  • Instant order phone numbers and ranges
  • Drill down usage reporting by account
  • Monitor and configure security options
  • Export call log data (historical & live)
  • Much, much more

Pre-configured, ready to use equipment available

Cloudfire has pre-configured, ready to use equipment available for next day shipping, including cordless phones, conference phones, desk phones, headsets and more.
Equipment is configured and tested before shipping so that you only need to plug it into your existing network and connect the power to start using your Cloudfire services.