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Cloudfire Secure Cloud Servers

At Cloudfire, our secure cloud servers offer a speedy, more economical and readily scalable alternative to traditional servers. Our cloud server infrastructure is regarded as among the most reliable and flexible in the country.

Located in Australian data centres equipped with fully redundant cooling, power and internet capabilities, Cloudfire’s secure cloud servers operate on world class equipment. We are so confident in the dependability of our infrastructure that we offer a 99.99% uptime service level agreement.

Our Cloud Server Standard Features

  • 24 x 7 phone and e-mail technical support available
  • Unmetered, gigabit connection between cloud servers and other Cloudfire services
  • 100 megabit internet connection utilising our national network
  • 99.99% Service Availability Target
  • Private-IP available via EFM, EoC, ADSL, VPN and Wireless
  • 1 internet IP included (additional IP’s available)
  • Pooled transit accross all of your servers
  • Juniper Hardware Firewall

Cloud servers are versatile virtual machines operating either Linux or Windows Server, using the Cloudfire secure cloud hardware infrastructure. The flexibility of cloud servers allows you to adjust or scale resources such as CPU, memory and storage depending on your unique requirements. Combine this with our easy going pay as you go plan for total flexibility.

Constructed on the most reliable hardware and latest technologies

Cloudfire’s cloud servers are constructed on the highest standard hardware, chosen for its reliability, combined with the most recent technological innovations. Originally constructed to operate our own critical applications and services for our communications network, Cloudfire’s secure cloud infrastructure makes no compromise on quality and dependability.

  • IBM – the most trusted hardware manufacturer worldwide
  • Juniper Networks – leading manufacturer of telco-grade network infrastructure
  • NetApp – world leader in storage equipment and technologies

Faster than your average cloud

Our cloud platform offers speed, with a typical host machine containing:

  • 4 x Redundant path’s to SAN storage for VM’s, via 2 independent storage switches
  • Host Operating System – Dual RAID 1 SSD’s
  • CPU’s – Dual 6-core / 8-core
  • RAM – 48GB ECC
  • Virtualisation Server Network Adaptors – 4 x Intel Dual-Port GigE uplinked to dual Juniper EX4200’s

Cloudfire’s storage system consists of NetApp FAS-series SAN’s, using a tier based structure of SAS and SATA disks. We maximise throughput and minimise disk latency based on your individual throughput, latency and space requirements.

Works with your operating system

By using VMware technologies, we are able to run practically all current operating systems, including Windows editions from 2003 onwards, most versions of Linux, Solaris and BSD. It is also possible to bring across your own server in VDMK or OVF format.

Our supported operating systems include:

  • Windows Server 2008 / 2012 (all editions, except server core)
  • CentOS / RHEL
  • FreeBSD / OpenBSD
  • Debian / Ubuntu
  • Solaris / Opensolaris
  • SCO

At Cloudfire, our refusal to compromise on quality makes our cloud server platform ranked among the best in Australia.