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Secure Cloud Backup

It is an unfortunate reality that disasters can happen. This means that it is important, in the event of a fire or natural disaster, to maintain offsite backups of your data, in order to be able to restore your business as quickly as possible. Cloudfire provides secure, reliable data backup solutions, regardless of the size of your business.

Retrieve Your Data Online

Cloudfire offers the ability to retrieve your most recent incremental backup of your data from the internet in the event of accidental file deletion. This is accessed with ease by logging into the secure Cloudfire Backup Portal and downloading the files securely through your browser, allowing for swift recovery and return to regular business.

  • Instantly restore your data over the internet
  • Download incremental backups of individual files through your web browser


Retrieve Your Data On Disk

Cloudfire also offers the option to have your data sent to you on disk, at any time. This service is usually provided on the same day in most metro areas. Within minutes of receiving your request, our staff commence transferring the data to disk, and this disk is sent by express courier to your address as soon as it is ready.

Cloudfire’s service allows you to restore large quantities of disaster as quickly as possible, saving you unnecessary hours of downtime and thousands of dollars in lost revenue.


100% Secure

Cloudfire’s Australian data storage centres are securely maintained, with biometric access control, 24 hour security and continuous video surveillance. Furthermore, Cloudfire’s Cloud Backup solution uses a secured storage area network within these facilities to increase the security of your data. We uses enterprise grade firewall appliances and intrusion detection systems to guarantee our level of protection.
Furthermore, we have security protections set up to keep your data safe during electronic transfer. With our required 128-bit encrypted VPN, your data is protected from unauthorised access during the transfer phase.
We offer the added option of having your data secured with an off internet private IP connection, which includes all of our business-grade internet connectivity products.

24/7 Security

  • Guarded Security
  • Bio-Metric Access
  • 24×7 Video Surveillance

Secure Storage Network

  • Juniper Firewall Protected
  • Juniper IDS (Intrusion Detection System) Protected
  • Minimum 128-Bit Encryption Requirement


Upgrade to Private-IP

By upgrading to a Private-IP, you not only improve the security of your data, but, by removing the need to go through your ISP, you limit the drain on your internet quota.
We provide business grade internet connections using ADSL, EoC, NBN, wireless and more. With up to 100mbit connections available, Cloudfire can maximise your throughput. By avoiding using the internet, your data security is guaranteed without using your internet quota.

  • Maximise throughput – up to 100mbit connections available
  • Further enhance security – data never crosses the internet
  • Doesn’t use your internet download quota