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About Cloudfire Hosting

Cloudfire Hosting is rapidly expanding to become a leading provider of cloud hosting services in the Australian market. Covering all your business technology and communication needs, we use an up-to-date and state of the art cloud based approach. Our reliable services are used by thousands of diverse clients across Australia, from SME to corporate clients, including leading Australian brands.

We offer accessible and creative solutions to your businesses communication and technology needs.

Australian Leaders

At Cloudfire we are driven to provide cutting edge, state of the art services, with integrated and innovative cloud services. With much of our software developed in house, we can offer tailor made solutions with a degree of flexibility rarely found in the industry. Cloudfire keeps up with the development of new technologies and incorporates this into our services promptly.

Fast and Reliable

At Cloudfire, service reliability is a priority, and our Australian-based cloud infrastructure uses full N+1 service redundancy to allow us to meet our service level agreements of up to 99.999% service availability. Service performance and quality control is ensured by our nation-wide private IP network, making Cloudfire industry leaders.

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