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Total Cost of Ownership

Did you realize that the cost of running your laser or inkjet printer over its lifetime is likely to exceed the original purchase price by several times? With the largest cost factor by far being consumables!

Many customers have been caught out buying cheap printers only to find out that the running costs for ink or toner are incredibly high.

Cloudfire does extensive research on the TCO of all printer devices in the market place. We only suggest to our clients the appropriate machine that should be purchased based on the buy and ongoing consumables costs. Because we are not vendor specific we ensure our clients that we only recommend what products top the TCO category.

Cloudfire has a TCO calculator which compares different brand printers giving the client a true indication of what their current printers are costing.

The Challenge

  • Inefficiency to evaluate or measure overall printing costs

    – Unknown Copier and printer costs

  • Different printer models purchased at different times

    – Purchased and managed 20 different types of printer toners

  • High TCO for printers

    – Printers with a TCO 10 times more expensive than original hardware for regular print volumes

  • Inefficient way to manage printer toners

    – High inventory cost to stock two to three bottles of each type of toner as a buffer

    – Manual order errors resulted in occasional long downtime for printers

The Solution

  • Single reliable source for MFDs, printers, service and support

    – Five year ongoing maintenance contract for MFDs and printers

    – toners delivered straight to the exact location instead of inventory room

    – Sophisticated colour MFDs

    – Single source direct help desk support

  • – accurate automatic toner ordering and delivery system

    – low TCO printers

  • Evaluate and contain overall printing costs

    – Monthly usage report for cost analysis

    – toner and service inclusive agreement to eliminate extra overhead costs

    – automatic meter reading for tracking overall usage and costs

The Result

  • Efficient and managed printing environment

    – eliminated workload of administration area in purchasing and managing toners

    – reduced service call and service response time – down to four hours

    – better visibility of overall printing costs and volumes for better decision making

  • Substantial cost savings

    – reduced printing costs by 30 to 35 per cent

  • Greener printing environment

    – Divert more print cartridges and drums away from landfill



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