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Voice Services

With technology growing and changing constantly, it is vital to grow with the innovations. Online collaboration has rapidly increased in popularity, allowing businesses to combine real-time data sharing with more traditional voice conferencing. For this new concept of communication to operate successfully, it is important to have a strong, flexible, reliable network services platform, combining voice and data to improve communication and increase productivity.

Cloudfire’s virtually hosted PBX services are a flexible, mobile and cheaper alternative to traditional on-site PBX hardware. With options that span supporting multiple sites from a single hosted PBX or even acting as a reliable SIP provider for your existing PBX hardware, at Cloudfire we can cover all your news with our 100% call quality guarantee.

We also come to your location and assess your business needs to ensure that your service is perfectly suited to your requirements.

PBX as a Service

Cloudfire’s state of the art PBX as a service (PBXaaS) will provide your business with a fully featured phone system without necessitating costly site-dependant PBX hardware, phone line installation or complex internal cabling. With the system operating entirely within the cloud, it is always accessible from any place with an existing broadband service.

  • Cloud hosted – Site independent, hosted from our Australian N+1 datacenter facilities
  • Feature rich – Fully equipped, highly customisable with all the features of a
    enterprise level system
  • Scalable – A dynamic system that grows seamlessly with your business requirements
  • Easy Deployment – Supplied phones are supplied to your door, fully tested and
    pre-configured. Plug them in and your ready to call.
  • Cost effective – Cost effective – A simple monthly cost, combined with lower call rates
    than all the major networks, PBX as a Service is far cheaper than you might think.

Business VoIP

As leading providers of VoIP and SIP services in Australia, Cloudfire can provide all you need to upgrade your existing business telephone system. Along with the cost saving benefits of VoIP, we can ensure high quality SIP trunk provision. Cloudfire’s VoIP network is one of the highest quality services in Australia, and we are proud to provide a guarantee of our sound quality, a guarantee that your calls will be at least the same standard, if not improved, when you use Cloudfire. This is a promise few VoIP providers in Australia are able to make.

  • Australia’s leading VoIP call quality, guaranteed*
  • Highly reliable, dependable business-grade SIP trunk provisioning
  • True, proven 99.99% Service Level Agreement – our uptime is unmatched
  • Unlimited connected devices and trunks
  • Localised phone numbers can be provided from any of our national number locations
  • Calling card systems
  • Job reporting & tracking systems
  • Call monitoring & recording services
  • Call metric systems
  • Phone-based billing systems
  • Phone-based delivery tracking systems

Wholesale SIP CTS

Designed for utmost reliability and the best possible call quality, Cloudfire has Australia’s leading quality wholesale VoIP call termination solutions. Our fully redundant voice network is consistently available, as we ensure a minimum of 99.99% service availability. Cloudfire is proud to provide wholesale service to some of Australia’s largest business-grade VoIP service providers.

  • Australia’s highest VoIP call quality
  • High quality codecs, including G722, G711 and G729
  • Call sound quality guarantee
  • Premium connection ensures extremely low jitter and no packet loss