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Wholesale SIP CTS

Designed for utmost reliability and the best possible call quality, Cloudfire has Australia’s leading quality wholesale VoIP call termination solutions. Our fully redundant voice network is consistently available, as we ensure a minimum of 99.9% service availability.

True 99.9%

Best Rates

End to End N+1

Complete Control

Cloudfire is proud to provide wholesale service to some of Australia’s largest business-grade VoIP service providers.


Premium sound quality

Combining top quality codecs with superior connectivity, we are confident that our network offers the best audio quality available on Australian VoIP networks. Every call passing through our network has echo cancellation and digital signal processing.

  • Australia’s highest VoIP call quality
  • High quality codecs, including G729,G711 and G722
  • Call sound quality guarantee
  • Direct connections (Private-IP) available for “internet free” VoIP
  • Premium connection ensures extremely low jitter and no packet loss

Guaranteed Reliability

When you join with Cloudfire you will discover just how good business-grade VoIP service can be. Our 99.99% available service level agreement, a contracted promise, will give you confidence that your business communications services will always be operational when needed. With dependable “N+1” architecture, the risk of downtime due to equipment failure is eliminated.

  • 24×7 network monitoring and on-call support available
  • Site redundant, load balanced servers with automatic failover
  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  • Highly-available multi-node CTS cluster
  • N+1 architecture means there’s always “two of everything”


Because we have our own IP network, Cloudfire is able to route traffic and maintain optimal service even under the difficult circumstances of natural disaster. Put to the test during the 2011 floods on the east coast of Australia, our network has proven reliability, with no downtime experienced during the entire period, and customers kept functioning with call diversions while offices were inaccessible.


Room to Grow

Designed from scratch to handle high traffic voice networks, Cloudfire’s wholesale VoIP services are ready to meet your needs. Our terminations servers are designed to meet your capacity needs, with automatic load balancing across multiple servers and links. Cloudfire also provides optional datacentre interconnects, co-location, servers and private IP connectivity.

  • Multiple private IP and datacenter interconnect options
  • Multiple high powered and fully redundant call processors
  • Unlimited lines outbound and inbound available – never worry about line capacity again
  • Load balanced endpoints – F5 Big-IP “LTM” and “GTM”
  • Co-location and servers available for on-net trunking to your voice application

The Economical Choice

Cloudfire’s strong industry connections and buying power allow us to confidently beat any per-minute price for either mobile phone or landline to wholesale customers. Prepare to be surprised at our competitive pricing and the increased profitability of your VoIP business when you partner with Cloudfire.


Extensive feature set and compatibility

With Cloudfire you will find all you need from a wholesale VoIP provider. We include porting, international numbers, number ranges, instant provisioning, Fax, PBX, SMS and so much more. Always looking for the latest innovation, we even have a few features that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Premium numbers (13, 1300 and 1800)
  • Bulk number ranges in all capital and many other cities
  • Co-location and dedicated servers available for complete package solutions
  • Directory assistance services (1223, 1225, etc)
  • Number porting from most major carriers
  • Full Service API for custom integrations
  • Fax, SMS, Post and other auxiliary services
  • Compatible with all major soft switches – or use our powerful hosted option

Powerful, sleek, brandable web interface

We provide a strong, easy to use web interface, with all wholesale VoIP services easily controlled through our AJAX powered web interface. Managing numbers and accounts, placing orders and running reports, complete with charts and graphs, has never been easier. Because our system was developed in-house, it is more flexible, with the capacity to add features you suggest. With a brandable interface, you are able to on-sell it as a direct managed soft switch solution.

  • Complete ordering
  • Complete configuration
  • Number routing (inc redirects, fax, etc)
  • Detailed, customisable reports with graphs
  • Data exports for excel, billing and CRM
  • Completely skinnable & brandable interface